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To start, simply fill in the details below, then we’ll send you an email which explains how to complete your registration for our Shell Drivers’ Club loyalty programme.

Receive 200 bonus points as our welcome to you as a new member of Shell Drivers’ Club. So, register online now and start be rewarded for your loyalty to Shell.
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With an online account you can:
  • Collect 200 bonus points for registering online
  • View your Shell Drivers’ Club points balance
  • Redeem your points for rewards

It's easy to get started!

Just pick up a Shell Drivers’ Club card and register it to you

Pick up a card from your local station then come back and register the card number to you so we know who to send the money-off vouchers to.

Learn more about Shell Drivers' Club >

Swipe your card to collect points

Swipe your card every time you visit Shell to buy fuel or Helix oils, or to clean your car. For each point you collect, you're one step closer to your chosen reward.

See all the ways you can collect points >

Reward yourself

Sit back and wait for your fuel vouchers to pop through the post, saving you money on your next visit to Shell.

Or choose a different way to spend your points. >

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